Knowledge of the Rolex watches 18K Gold

7Rolex has a very high value for the watch fans to collect. In the international market, a ordinary fake rolex uk price from $500 to 15000 dollars, although the price is not cheap, spent or in droves. General watch worn into the dustbin, but the Rolex watch otherwise. It is to said that the Rolex watch to be if suitably renamed. Its value turn a lot in every six, seven years. “Bubble” back in form of the antique market, the Rolex watches become the collector’s love in their eyes of the darling.

For example, in the 1970s, tens of dollars can buy a 18K gold surface, and the watch lover can be sold to 2 – 3 million. In 2002, an auction held in Geneva, one of the last Vietnamese emperor Paul high wear 1952 Chevrolet Rolex calendar gold watch, had sold 342000 Swiss francs (about $23.54 million at the time) price.

Later, by the Rolex watch-making skills on continuous innovation which writing the development history of the world watch pages outstanding chapter, the throne of the Rolex boarded the world watch altar statue. These are a dint of noble aspirations and persistent effort of the Rolex.

The reason that the Rolex for continuous development, is famous in the world, with the name of a person inseparable, he is Andre J.Heiniger. In 1921, Heiniger was born in an extensional Chaux de fonds. Heiniger is a filled with passion and the kind of person like to search for the perfect. Hans wilsdorf saw him for the first time when they are on the same wavelength and he occurred plenty of affection and trust.

Heiniger inherited the Rolex founder wilsdorf’s career, his strict management, as well as the continuous innovation. At the same time, the Rolex toward the internationalization way. Heiniger constantly open up the new markets, footprints all over the world, in all continents of the world an important city to establish a branch, the swiss replica watches sky more open.

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